This is the problem with Pakistani’s. They have leaders who preach the wrong views on Islam and tarnish The religion.

There is a fundamental problem within the Pakistani community which Pakistani men refuse to address as it benefits them but then the women refuse to change and force daughters to live a life of culture and traditions which demoralises women.
The problem isn’t just in Pakistani it is a global problem until the Pakistani communities let go of their tribal culture.


I have a UK postcode but live like I’m in Pakistan

90% of the girls aren’t lucky due to the Pakistani culture. I live in a Pakistani community and see the high level of abuse in the Pakistani community. Even though we are brought up in the UK, it’s like living in Pakistan. The segregation of the Pakistani community from the British Society is very much there.
If I wanted to live in Pakistan I would have moved there but I want more in life. I want to be able to help and support other Pakistani girls to live a British life and have a choice in there future. Being isolated is the reasons why some Pakistani become extremist or think it is ok to be abused. And I’m sorry to say but the UK need to do more to stop asian men from thinking they can abuse girls and get away with it like they would in Pakistan. Shame is a cultural issue which prevents abused girls from protecting themselves.
If the Pakistani community’s integrated with the British society they would find that the girls in the Asian Pakistani community would be more open to reporting abuse to the UK police.
The man who abused me has been abusing women since 2007. His wife, mother, father, sister’s, cousin’s and friends know what he has been doing. His mother teachers children to read the Quran (holy book), his father was a taxi driver who raped a 16 yr old girl and his wife is his first cousin. But due to him abusing Pakistani women not one came forward as it was there fault and would bring shame on them.
How could you support and allow your brother, son or male relative to go out and do these crimes. I don’t know. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I had a brother abusing women.

I would report him to the police

A young British Pakistani Girl

I am born and breed in the UK. I was bought up in a Pakistani community. All the Pakistani girls look forward to there future of getting married and have that big asian wedding where you get to wear the traditional asian suite and gold jewellery. It was what we all dream about.
If you ever asked any of the girls what they would want to be when they were older none of them had a professional career in mind. Girls never talked about university because as soon as they grow older and coming towards the end of secondary school. They would here rumours of who they were to marry.
Most of the times rumours were true and then the girls get ready to go on holiday to Pakistan to see their families.
You won’t see then see them for a few months and then when you do they would have a big bump.
When I was younger all I wanted was to grow up get married and have children. I couldn’t wait for that day.
Now I would hate to have a daughter who would have to be brought up this Pakistani way. It’s suppressing and the living in the UK you still can’t get away from the Pakistani community’s and culture.
Educating there daughters and allowing them to build there own life is Still forbidden but the British people won’t do anything about it as they just clump the Pakistani community’s together and don’t protect the women. This is why the Pakistani’s refuse to live the British way. Because they live in there community’s. They don’t mix or don’t have to integrate with anyone non Pakistani.
You hear horror stories from Pakistan but they do actually happen here too. Even the British law can’t protect Pakistani girls.
I turned to the police and they told me to ‘take it as a lesson learnt and move on’
And the Pakistani man I reported has abused more then 5 women. Some of the women haven’t come forward due to the shame in the Pakistani culture that women are tarnished with if they come forward.

He should never have been in the country

I have just set up a petition to get the UK government to put a law in place to strip British passport for criminals of a different origin.
The strange thing that happened was the day after I set up this petition the Sydney attack happened.
That man should have been deported a long time ago. Had the law been in place which states anyone with a criminal record or anyone who commits a crime should be deported back to his country of National origin. He would never have been in the country.
These men generally have a past track record of abuse and shouldn’t be allowed to live in countries in the UK and Australia. The United States are one of the only countries that are very strict when it comes to enter the country with a criminal record. Maybe it’s about time the law started to protect the people.

Just wondering…..

With domestic violence increasing every year. The ones like myself who would love to get help, can’t get the help. Not even from the charity’s that even the police have contacted on your behalf as they have seen the devastating effects on the victims.
The governments hasn’t really budgeted funding in this areas and it doesn’t get the attention and support it really needs.

Firstly the police

The first girl who went to the police to report a man who abused her and to stop him from doing it again. Was told

no crime was committed

I report the same guy and you would never guess what happened

no crime was committed

The third girl also went to her local police but thank god she had her incident recorded and taken forward which has now brought mine and the previous girls allegations to light.
The third girl has been in a really bad state and really suffered badly from what I have been told.

I must say I would love to thank her one day for coming forward and being strong because if she didn’t come forward I would never have got justice

I am trying to move on with my life but it is heard when you have a financial strain on you. Work is more stressful then before but I don’t want to give up. I want to get through this.

The man who has helped me and stopped me from committing suicide has taught me how to play golf. It sure is a sport that helps me take my mind off things. It’s a wonderful game when you stop thinking about life.

But unfortunately he helped me in return for something from me. He knew what I had been through and i confided in him. I saw him as a father figure as he had a son a few years older then me. But he insisted he had fallen in love with me and as I refused to change my friendship into a relationship, he no longer wanted to help me anymore.

So I am doing this alone. With no golf as he has taken back the clubs. I’m fighting to get my justice and fighting my local police as they refuse to take any responsibility for negligent. They want to brush it under the carpet like the 800,000 unregistered reports from last year.

Times like now, if I was to die in my sleep. I would be so pleased it’s over.

The children began to believe the abuse they were subjected to was ‘normal’ and ‘expected of them

Again another abuse story which Muslim men are abusing children. But it’s ok because that is what we should expect of them! We have to live with the fact that Muslim cultured people will abuse and it is NORMAL!!!

A new story comes out every week! And yet no debt so don’t come in the paper!!! So we won’t know of them!!!!

Culture and traditions are so backwards they make the wrong in religion seen normal and right!

Sweet balls

After a restless night and stress thinking about how I’m going to handle everything going on my life. Work is stressful but I have debts that the abuser left me in as he made me believe I was saving his families life. People have told to go bankrupt but I don’t want this to ruin my life. I am better then that.

No amount of money is worth a life and I would have given my all to save a life. And I did! It is just a shame people would go this low to get money out of people.

Reading the newspaper makes me sick when they say that

we must accept Pakistani men as abuser

We don’t have to accept it. You have to tackle the issue and let them know they can’t get away with it.

Victim support are meant to be helping me but three months in and after a number of phone calls from the police telling them, they have to support me. Still nothing!!!

I have to put my stress’s aside and clear my mind and realise the tension in my shoulders. I keep my eye on the ball and get lost in concentrating. I push back and away I go. When I connect the club with the ball, whilst keeping my head down and my eye on the ball at all times. I listen out for the sweetest ‘click’ noise.
You know then if you have hit the ball high in the sky and watch the ball glow in the dark. All your worries and stress’s go away. You become mesmerised with the game.

It has taken me 5months to control my stress’s and worries in life and to let golf help me in my life. It gives me a break and forces me forget my life for a moment.
I have used it as a form of counselling and writing helps me too. I don’t want anyone to every go through what I have gone through and want the asian culture to do more to protect us girls.
Culture is distorting the Muslim religion. My client is a Jewish man and we have so much in common. He even said

Islam and the Jewish religion steamed from the same religion many many years ago. But due to the culture that Pakistani’s (and some other South Asian countries) have, they will never progress as a nation and they are people who will hold onto there traditions which stops them from moving forward. Honour and shame is stopping a nation of people and its ashame they are so far behind compared to the rest of the world considering the opportunities they have. You don’t have to look far to see what the men in the Pakistani community’s are doing! Do you!

When I look back at the religions even christianity has a lot in common with Islam but they don’t have that backward culture that stops there society from going forward and being successful.

In the UK we are so lucky to have a free education but still the Pakistani’s still force marriage there young daughters and sons to marry there cousins and interbreed.

A British farmer once said to me

we don’t interbreed dogs or animals so I don’t know how and why Pakistani’s do.

And I agree. I have seen many and many Pakistani’s with mental and physical illness but they still don’t think it’s wrong even when there children are ill due to interbreeding.